Women's Ratings: April 2019

Women’s Monthly Boxing Ratings

April 6th 2019

The introduction of female boxing in the 2012 Olympics has strengthened the credibility of the sport, providing it with an internationally recognised seal of approval. Women’s professional boxing is flourishing, and the depth of quality fighters is increasing.

Unfortunately, just like with men’s boxing, it is littered with a confusing array of “world” title belt holders, and vacant titles are often decided via mediocre match-ups. BoxRec provides a useful reference point, but its ratings are computer-based, and are therefore open to oddities, so deciphering who the best fighters are is problematic.

Our authoritative, monthly divisional rankings (beginning, April 6th, 2019), which are compiled by knowledgeable experts, aim to provide a degree of much needed clarity.

We will use our ratings to identify who the top contenders in a weight class are, and, as is tradition in prize fighting history, a box-off between these contenders, will crown a new Lineal World Champion. Champions will only lose their title if they are defeated in the ring, retire or move weight divisions. In contrast to the various sanctioning bodies, our Lineal Champions will not be “stripped,” and there will be only ever be one world champion per weight division.

Claressa Shields and Christina Hammer are the top 2 contenders at Middleweight. The winner of their greatly anticipated contest will become our site’s first Lineal Champion.

Ratings Panel

Jake Chaney: Editor of LinealBoxingChampion.com. United Kingdom.

David Avila: 2019 Inductee IWBHF. Experienced journalist at The Sweet Science. California, USA. @AvilaBoxing

Suzy Smith: Women’s boxing historian. United Kingdom. @SuzyQSmith360

Daniel Yanofsky: Women’s boxing journalist. New York, USA. @DanYanofsky

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