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Why Support Lineal Boxing Champion?

LinealBoxingChampion.com (LBC) provides an impartial, reliable, up-to-date record of the Lineal Champions in boxing today.

We believe that champions should only lose their championship when defeated in the ring, in a fight – or to put it another way, “to be the man, you have to beat the man,” – a concept that is deep rooted in boxing history, stretching back almost 300 years, to the 1700s, when boxing’s first bareknuckle champions were crowned.

The four major international sanctioning bodies provide boxers with extra opportunities to win “world title” belts, raising their profiles, and allowing their promoters to sell events as "world title fights," helping generate more money for everyone involved. There are positives to be gained from this, but there needs to be a way for boxing fans to differentiate the Lineal Champion of a division from a sanctioning body belt holder. Otherwise, confusion clouds the truth, and the achievements of boxing's legendary figures will get minimized.


#1 and #2 Contenders

A Lineal Championship vacancy is filled when #1 fights #2, but in rare circumstances, #1 can instead, fight #3 to crown a new Lineal Champion. In order to limit bias, we will only identify boxers as #1, #2 and #3 contenders, when there is a majority consensus among the ratings listed by these 5 boxing websites: Boxing News, The Ring, TBRB, Boxing Monthly, and World Boxing News.

 See our Lineal Championship Policy for more details.

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Over the next few months, we will be uploading all of the Lineal Champions for each division. Any feedback or queries, please get in touch.


Our Aim

LinealBoxingChampion.com is a not-for-profit organization and has no links to any promotional companies or broadcasters. Our aim is simple: to provide an honest, fair account of past and present Lineal Champions in professional boxing. LinealBoxingChampion.com is the record keeper of boxing’s Lineal Champions.